There’s nothing quite like travel, and even more, there’s nothing quite like backpacking. While it may seem like a less-than-glamorous way to travel, there’s a lot that you can learn about yourself during a backpacking adventure. If you’re interested in this type of adventure but feel like your budget is holding you back, here are four great ways to make you a more savvy backpacker and stretch out the money you have.


Keep Your Transport Public – Very Public

One of the most expensive aspects of a journey each backpacker encounters are transport costs. Often nervous about catching local public transport, these options are the best way to save yourself a pretty penny. If you know where you may be traveling to before your journey, look for Groupon coupons for train passes or cheap travel options that can cover your entire area.  Similarly, if there is a local bus, as rickety as it may seem that can get you to your next destination, grab a ticket and jump on it. Just be sure it’s actual public transport and not just  somebody driving a bus, and always keep your belongings close.

Eating Your Money

After transport, food and drinks are easily the second most expensive item that backpackers find during their adventures. While it can be tempting to stick with foods that you know from local franchises, take the opportunity of eating locally and from street vendors as not only an opportunity to save money but to fully immerse yourself in the local culture. It’s also a good way to learn some of the languages as you will be surprised how much of a second language you recall when your stomach is grumbling.

Keep Accommodation Costs Down

One of the many things that backpackers find helps to keep costs down are hostels. While it can be enticing to get yourself a private room in a hostel, to save the most, it’s almost always best to share. Many hostels offer dorm rooms with about 8 beds in each, and these are the ones that are really going to save you some money. Just be sure to lock up your belongings and always be careful.

Make Friends

Alongside making some great connection and learning more than you could possibly imagine about a new culture and environment, locals are the best people to give you a tour and show you the sights. So if you are out and about and see some friendly locals, get chatting. You might just find yourself seeing sights that your friends on expensive tour groups will never get to see.

These are just some of the great ways that you can keep your travel costs down while backpacking. Whatever you do and how you choose to do it, one rule remains key. Stay safe!

Four Tips for a Better Backpacking Experience