Looking for the holiday of a lifetime? Then look no further!

Spread across the beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean are the timeless untouched coral islands that form the Maldives. This long narrow country, which consists of 26 atolls, basks in the warm Indian Ocean where even the fish are happy. With its unbelievable white sanded beaches, palm trees and almost luminous blue waters which some say are among the best in the world, there’s nothing you won’t love! Once the islands only welcomed sailors lost in the Indian Ocean and that was how it luckily (for us) became a tranquil getaway for holidaymakers.

the mals 2

Due to its majestic charm the Maldives attracted many romantic couples and honeymooners in the past, but with the growing number of people becoming aware of this tropical paradise many of the islands are now changing tactics and catering for family’s and travellers too. This has created much diversity amongst the islands, with some islands having all the modern comforts one would expect from luxury holidays in the Maldives to the more traditional bungalows with thatched roofs and outside bathrooms.

Many of the resorts on the Maldives have their own private islands ensuring that your perfect and peaceful getaway is guaranteed, and with over 100 to choose from there is something for everyone from the high end luxury 6 star resorts to the more family friendly budget hotels. There are plenty of activities to do on the islands as well, that’s if you can be bothered putting down your cocktail and climbing off your hammock!

With the long sandy beaches and vast coral reefs which are home to some 1000 species of fish the Maldives is quickly becoming a diver’s paradise attracting top divers from around the world, and when there’s more ocean than land the list of things you can do on and in the ocean is impressive surfing, kayaking, jet skis. If you’re feeling brave then you can give parasailing a whirl too. After a hard day in paradise you can relax in one of the many spas where traditional healing methods are used.

So if you’re looking for that perfect getaway and your own little slice of paradise, then the Maldives can provide for all your needs, whether you’re a romantic couple on your honeymoon or a family holiday looking for something different, be sure to make your next holiday a Maldives holiday.

The Maldives – It’s Paradise!