Over the past few years, solo travel has become incredibly popular. It’s safe, fun and an incredible experience, so it is no wonder that so many people are choosing to travel alone.

If you are someone who has always enjoyed travelling as part of a pair, you may be wondering why anyone would want to travel solo. The answer: there are many reasons for solo travelling, from the sense of freedom that comes with it, to the opportunity to grow and develop as a person. Solo travelling is not a great life experience, but it is also a fantastic way to see the world.

Unlike when you travel with others, when you travel alone you have the opportunity to see and do everything that you want to. There is no compromising, as there is only you to please. Your trip is yours and yours alone, you can go anywhere the wind takes you and spend as much time there as you want to.

Thinking about travelling solo? Before you go, make sure to have a read of this. To ensure that you make the most out of your trip, we have put together some handy tips below:


Plan in advance

An important part of travelling alone is making sure to do some planning in advance. You don’t need a very detailed plan, just a schedule of which places you are visiting and when. This way you can give a copy of your itinerary to a close friend or family member so that they know where you are meant to be.

It is also a good idea to use hotel finder to find a hotel or hostel for the first two nights of your stay in any new place. This gives you time to get to know the area and gives you the comfort of knowing that you have somewhere safe to stay.


Don’t overpack

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Make sure to only pack what you can carry. You don’t want to have too many bags. Otherwise, you may not be able to manage them yourself. If you are travelling solo, it is vital that you pack light and can easily carry what you have.


Connect with other travellers

While you are on a solo trip, there is no reason not to get to know other travellers. Don’t spend your entire trip alone, make sure to make some new connections along the way.

If you struggle to meet other travellers, spend some time hanging out in your travel hotel or hostel common room. Not only is this a fantastic place to meet other travellers, but it is also a great place to pick up some travel advice. Ask other backpackers what they would say the best places to visit are, and go from there.


Keep in touch with home

Don’t forget to communicate with friends and family back home. As a solo traveller your friends and family may be more worried about you, so it is important to ensure that you touch base with them on a regular basis.

To help you keep in touch with home, there are plenty of fabulous apps that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet.

How To Have A Fantastic Trip As A Solo Traveller