A trip to South Africa is a beyond-perfect place to experience the wildlife of this incredible continent. Here, you’ll be immersed in the Big 5, or the most famous animals seen on safari in Africa. You’ll never have an experience quite like it! And since safaris have never been more affordable, there’s no reason not to make this your next holiday. It’s an experience that’s available to every kind of traveler, on any budget – from the wealthy and luxury travelers to budget backpackers, and anyone in between. And on top of that – South Africa is a safe destination with experienced guides to lead you on your safari. Need more reasons why you should take a South African safari? We’ve got plenty for you!

Safari In South Africa
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Experience the Big 5

What exactly are the Big 5? These are the big five game animals that you’re going to see on your African safari, and they are the lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo and leopard. They were given this name because these were the most difficult animals for hunters to hunt on foot. Today, they are the animals that most people want to see on safari, and you’ll have the chance to see them in their natural environment. You may have seen some of these animals in the zoo at home, but there’s nothing like seeing them living naturally like you will on safari in Africa.

It’s affordable

If you’re looking for a unique holiday that isn’t going to break your bank account, consider a safari in South Africa. It’s really more affordable than ever, and there are so many different kinds of options for different styles of travelers. You can travel off-season to score even better prices, and have the added benefit of less crowds of tourists on your safari. If you choose to stay in smaller lodges run by locals, you can save even more. If you have the money, and aren’t too keen on roughing it, you might consider renting a South African safari lodge that comes complete with its own trackers and rangers.

Adventure in South Africa
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Satisfy your adventure craving

An African safari isn’t just like any other type of holiday or tour. You’re not just going around, passively watching the scenery go by from the window! You’ll really feel a sense of adventure as you travel through the wild lands of Africa, spotting these majestic and powerful animals in their home environments. This is the type of experience that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life, so don’t forget to bring a great camera to capture the experience.

Why You Should Safari in South Africa