Gone are the days when the only way to stay in contact with your loved ones was either by postcard or to find a phone booth and use a calling card. Now it’s easier than ever to keep everyone back home up to date with what you’re doing and to chat to those closest to you. It’s even more important to be online while you travel if you need the internet to work, I work online whilst I’m on the road so being able to access my emails is essential.


Over the last couple of years I have found so many ways to keep in contact with everyone and maintain a high level of work. Here are 3 of the best ways I have found to stay online when I’m on the road!

Free Wifi

If you don’t need the internet all the time and just want to check your email and social media every now and then free wifi is ideal. You will often find free wifi in your hostel and local coffee shops – a word of warning here, the wifi is usually not the quickest and you might not be able to video call, post pictures and do other things that need a strong internet connection. All in all though if it’s free it’s great, so take advantage of it while you can!

Portable Wifi

This has to be my favourite! It means that where ever I am I can access the internet, I could be on a tour but still check my emails on my phone or instantly post a picture to my blog. The first time I used this was when I was in Spain, I found a package that offered all day internet Spain and it was absolutely fantastic! I was able to connect my laptop, iPhone and iPad all at the same time. It meant that i never missed an email, could Skype from anywhere and was always posting pictures to my social media pages. The internet was provided through a Spanish 3G network so I didn’t have to pay crazy rates to use it – perfect!


In times of need you can always switch on your phone and use your provider to use the internet abroad, this is called roaming. I think this should always be used as a last resort because you always hear of the stories of people using the internet overseas and coming home to a hefty bill, so access with caution but be safe in the knowledge that it’s there if you really need it!

By far the best option has to be to get a portable wifi device in the country that you’re visiting, this will take away any unnecessary overspending and ensure that you’re always connected! Happy travels!

The best ways to stay connected while you travel
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