You probably already know Jerusalem as one of the most sacred cities in the world for the religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. This holy city certainly has a lot to offer the spiritual traveler, but that’s not all it has up its sleeve. Mix in a fascinating culture, gorgeous architecture, tasty culinary treats, vibrant color and a bit of modern style, and you’ll have some idea of what to expect in Jerusalem! With great accommodations like the King David hotel in Jerusalem, you’ll be staying in comfort and style. Here are some great things to do in Jerusalem that won’t cost you a penny:

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Tour the Old City

You’ll probably need several days to visit all of the holy sites found within Jerusalem’s Old City walls. Explore the four quarters of the city – Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Muslim – to get four different flavors for this ancient city. And make sure to check out the famous holy sites including the Dome of the Rock, Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Temple Mount, and much more.

Shop in outdoor markets

In order to really experience the culture of Jerusalem, browse through the outdoor markets where you’ll find everything from jewelry and artistic handcrafts to fresh fruits and vegetables. Mechane Yehuda Market is a great market for foodies to check out, as they have lots of specialty cheeses, coffee, and ethnic dishes.

Stroll through Teddy Park

Get out of the city and rejuvenate with an afternoon spent in nature. Teddy Park, across from the Jaffa Gate, is a great spot to bring a picnic and just enjoy the restful atmosphere. At night, after 8pm, they have a sound and light water show in the park as well as fountains for kids to splash around in.

Check out the Bird Observatory

Have a hankering to check out some wildlife and learn about the native birds to the area? The Bird Observatory is a fun and offbeat way to spend an afternoon and learn something new! This eco-tourism project is aimed at educating visitors about the bird population and is a fun place for families to visit.

Explore the Ein Karem area

This cute neighborhood is super charming and artsy, filled with adorable cafes and shops to explore. So you don’t have to spend money here, but you might be tempted to stop in a boutique or cafe for a bite to eat! It’s also a pilgrimage site for Christians so mark this on your itinerary if you are visiting holy sites on your trip.

Top Free Things to Do in Jerusalem