The growth of both science and trade in Africa over the past few decades has been astounding. The massive continent has so much potential to be a global superpower if it can manage to achieve scientific independence, and it has been showing many steps in that direction. Many prominent business leaders and philanthropists in Africa have been working towards this goal. Dr. Alvaro Sobrinho is one example of a philanthropist who has been at the forefront of one of Africa’s growing economies. He’s personally helped Angola to thrive and become one of the most successful economies in Africa. And he personally holds a vision for Africa’s scientific independence. And the growth doesn’t stop here. Africa is working towards scientific independence and becoming a major force in international trade, and the possibilities are endless.

Bridging the gap

Growth in the areas of science and business trade in Africa provide the opportunity for the continent to thrive. Currently, scientific and technological improvements are giving new opportunities to spread education and safety throughout Africa, though science agendas are still being pushed here. Drone technology is being used to monitor roads as well as bolstering the military. And mobile education techology has completely changed the way children can access education. While many villages cannot afford to build a local school or hire teachers, mobile technology options can allow children access to education from anywhere, potentially changing their future.

Higher education has become more emphasized in Africa as well. Students are being encouraged to study the fields of science and technology, so this next generation can carry Africa to economic success. Current African leaders and philanthropists knows that the future of their land lies in the hands of the young people today. So they are putting together programs to encourage and train students to be the scientists and successful business people of tomorrow. You can see Dr. Alvaro Sobrino’s speech on his vision for Africa’s scientific independence. The hope is that with the efforts of people like Sobrinho and other leaders in Africa, that the continent will be able to enjoy a successful and sustainable future.

The Growth of Africa: Science, Business and Trade