Experiencing the very best live theatre can send shivers down your spine, and Newcastle is one of the best cities in England to catch some of the top shows around. Below, I’ll outline not only the finest theatres in the city, but also some of the noteworthy productions lined up for the coming months.

Top theatres

First, let’s take a quick look at the theatres themselves.

Theatre Royal
100 Grey Street

The most famous and prestigious theatre in Newcastle is the Theatre Royal. Acting as the regional home of the Royal Shakespeare Company and Opera North – to name but a few – this establishment has earned its reputation through a combination of amazing performances, history and architecture.

Having first opened its doors in 1837, it was redesigned following a fire in 1899 in an Edwardian style. In recent years, it has been restored to its former glory, achieving a really good balance of modern comfort and its traditional architecture. A Grade I listed building, it is one of only nine theatres with this status in England.

Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre
111 Westgate Road

Moving on to the next establishment, the Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre is another with impressive historical credentials, it being the world’s oldest working Victorian theatre. And, like the Theatre Royal, it’s housed in a Grade I listed building.

Located centrally, this theatre hosts quite an eclectic programme of performances. So, when checking its events calendar you can expect to come across everything from traditional theatrical productions to comedy and concerts.

Live Theatre
Broad Chare

Located on the Quayside, Live Theatre is a more modern establishment than the previous two, having been opened in 1973. It’s still housed in historic premises, though – four to be exact. These were renovated and joined together to create the theatre, which aims to showcase new writing and develop creative talent. So, this is a good place to go to see something new and different.

Upcoming shows

Dirty Dancing

This cinema classic has seen huge success in its stage adaptation, which will come to the Theatre Royal this May. Performances will run from the 6th to 31st, telling this ever-popular coming of age story, complete with its hit songs.

And just in case you’re not familiar with Dirty Dancing, it tells the story of teenager Baby, on holiday with her family, and Johnny, a dancer who works at their destination. A chance meeting brings their two (very different) worlds together, and what follows has become a modern classic tale.


Also being staged at the Theatre Royal this year is Macbeth, which will be performed by Opera North. This operatic version of Shakespeare’s tragedy is sung in Italian, set to a powerful score by Verdi.

Scheduled to be performed on March 11th and 13th, this is a great show to catch if you’re keen to see this classic story of a successful soldier led to ruin by ambition in a new light.

Swan Lake

A firm favourite among lovers of classic ballet, Swan Lake will be performed at the Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre on March 18th. Staged by Moscow Ballet – La Classique, this production is sure to be an outstanding example of Tchaikovsky’s iconic score, not to mention, of course, absolutely hypnotic dance.

These are just a few examples of the productions being staged in Newcastle this year – you can visit this website to see comprehensive listings, as well as to get ideas of where to stay and what else to do.

Stage highlights in Newcastle
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