The Canary Islands is a place of varying terrain and therefore offers a holiday destination of vast diversity. The mountainous areas of Gran Canaria in particular are a wonderful spot to enjoy some activities such as mountain climbing, diving and trekking. It is an exciting and vibrant place to enjoy your holiday getaway. But after all that activity there is often only one thing that is desirable beyond compare: a nice relaxing lie on a beautiful sun soaked beach haven.

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And you couldn’t think of a better place than the Canary Islands to find a gorgeous beach. With seven islands all together to choose from, there is a huge variety of beaches to please everyone. But all the beaches have a few important factors in common: white sands (actually imported from the Sahara), crystal clear seas (their own!) and a wonderfully calming atmosphere.

Las Teresitas

The tranquillity of these beaches is one of the more memorable aspects and it is due in part to the very calm seas. An artificial coral is installed on the seabed of one of the better beaches, Las Teresitas. This aids the calmness and also provides a great opportunity to go snorkelling and explore the shallow, and therefore very safe, seas. It’s quite an experience to delve the clear waters of the ocean with your whole family and see the fish swimming around the coral.


The tendency, when thinking of Gran Canaria, is to assume it is a package holiday sort of getaway and is therefore dominated by commercialised tourist attractions, as opposed to being a naturally beautiful place. This couldn’t be further from the truth and a trip to Guigui, a beach hidden at the bottom of the Grande ravine, will verify this.

This place is truly untouched, unspoilt and is by far the beach which embraces its own natural beauty more than any other. There is little to do there – which is sort of the point. Distractions are unnecessary because the beauty of this beach should have your full attention. It’s essential that you take a drink from the freshwater ravine which runs down the mountain side to the beach – it is truly a liberating experience, so don’t miss out: book flights at and head over there now!

Sotavento beach

A great beach to enjoy some water sports, if that’s your passion, is Fuerteventura’s beautiful Sotavento beach. The windy conditions are ideal for windsurfing. Or for the waves that make surfing more appropriate, try Lanzarote’s Caleta de Farmara. Surfing on the beautiful clear blue seas couldn’t be a better surrounding for an avid surfer or, for beginners, there are some lessons offered by the local instructors.

There is a 17 mile stretch of continuous beach on the south-east coast of Fuerteventura called Sotavento which is an example of beautiful white deserted sands. The beach is just a little further from the tourist hubs meaning the journey there is well worth it. It is very plausible that you could sit on the golden sands, look around, and not see another soul.

Canary Islands: Best Beaches
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