As austerity strikes, some of us may consider moving the fence a little closer to the house when it comes to our holidays. That doesn’t mean they can’t be exciting as the British Isles and Western coast of Europe offer plenty to see and do.


Outer Hebrides
Outer Hebrides

Here are some tips to help you pick a destination that offers something different.


Where haven’t you been?

When it comes to holidaying in the British Isles, many people end up opting for the same old destinations – usually somewhere coastal or popular! Get an old map out and mark off the places you’ve been to and then look at the spots as far away from these as possible. Have you been to Wiltshire or Yorkshire?  What about the Outer Hebrides or the Scilly Isles or the Channel Islands? You may be surprised to find counties you’ve never even stepped foot in, and these can offer a range of great activities and things to do. Look carefully for things that are free, like parks or walks and museums. All it takes is a little research…


Think about your budget

Once you’ve got your list, figure out what your budget is. Now you can set about researching each destination to see what accommodation options are available in your price range. Think about self-catering or hostels – I know it might not sound particularly luxurious, but you might be surprised – look online and see what your options are. If you fancy camping, you can save a lot of money holidaying this way and it can be rewarding – don’t be afraid to step outside of your usual holiday comfort-zone!



Also think about how you are going to travel. Again it might surprise you to find that flying could be as inexpensive as the train or ferry, and cheap flight tickets are available for a range of destinations.

Depending on how far you have to travel, you’ll be able to pick up tickets for next to nothing. Once you reach your spot, cycling is a great way to get about, especially in smaller places, and lets you reach places you otherwise would never have known about.

You can either take your own bicycle or look for places to hire one as soon as you arrive. All you need is a map and a good sense of direction; you can make any place your oyster!


Holidaying Nearer to Home
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