You may have heard of the Northern Lights, otherwise known as Aurora Borealis. Maybe you’ve seen images of this solar event on tv, in books or on the internet, but didn’t know what it was called, or what causes it.


The Northern Lights are caused when Solar Winds from the Sun blow towards the Earth, carrying with them energised particles. When these particles collide with atoms in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, they create the light show, known as Aurora. They are best viewed at Earth’s poles, as the Earth’s magnetic fields drive these particles ¬†towards the polar regions.

Depending on where you live, you may or may not have seen some Northern Light action, especially on a frosty night. However,as a rule of thumb, the more North you go, the better the view really. Nowhere is this truer than in Lapland.

Now, you may have only thought of Lapland as Santa’s Hometown. But it is fast becoming the capital for people on the trail of the Aurora Borealis, and for good reason. For a lot of the year, the weather conditions are perfect for viewing the light show, in Lapland. There is even a city in the Finnmark region called Alma, which is known internationally as “The City of the Northern Light”.

Many people are now considering Lapland as a holiday destination, and not just for the winter months. For some ideas as to what you can expect from a holiday here, click here

Many people are surprised to find that Lapland is not cold and snow and ice all year around. In fact, conditions can be quite pleasant and warm in the summer months. Between the beginning of June and beginning of July, the sun never sets in Lapland, and the Midnight Sun, as it is known, is visible all over Lapland. Around this time, there will be numerous festivals held to celebrate the Midnight Sun.

2013 is set to be an amazing year for Aurora watchers, as the sun will be reaching the culmination of n 11 year cycle, known as Solar Maximum, so Aurora activity will be at a 11 year high in the current year.

Therefore, there will be no better time to visit Lapland than in 2013. You will get to see an amazing spectacle and witness one of earth’s magical gifts.

Searching For The Northern Lights