So, your flights are booked, the moneys saved, you’ve said your goodbyes and the list of everything you want to see and do is complete. Dreams of holiday romance and crazy nights out are about to become a reality. But there’s only one thing left to decide? How will you do all the travelling?


It’s a simple solution, travel New Zealand in a campervan. Instead of taking long bus journeys which can be intolerable or missing out on the landscape by taking flights, travel the country in style while having the time to explore every sight and scenic reserve. This leaves the choice of choosing a rental car or campervan.Some rental companies have hidden costs, unexpected fees and substandard vehicles  So why even consider them? Instead opt for trusted and reputable companies such as Wilderness campers.  So, why is this good idea? Well firstly, it offers you the freedom that no other transport options do.

Secondly, think of it as an investment. A campervan might initially set you back a large chunk of money with deposits and fees but don’t freak out, you probably have a friend to split this cost with. If you budget for this initial cost, it pretty much covers you for accommodation throughout the entire trip. It will have a bed and cooking gear to make travelling anywhere enjoyable. Getting off the beaten track and exploring the real New Zealand is what it is all about! Occasionally there might be a fee for camp grounds, but you won’t always be staying in these areas. Although fuel can be pricey, sharing the costs will endure you get around and besides, New Zealand is not that big!


Finally, during all the excitement of your bungee jumps and pub crawls, the thrill of travelling can sometimes be tiresome, and it’s nice to have a place to consider your home on the road. This could be your campervan, get your friends in the passenger seat and get rolling, without the fear of having to sleep in the 12 bed dorm again with the snorer and the guy with smelly feet. The freedom you will experience and the sights you will see are no comparison to what you would experience without a campervan or motorhome.

So don’t let the initial cost scare you, camper vanning is the most liberating form of travel and one of the cheapest options when you split the costs, cook for yourself and avoid citys and head out into the Kiwi wilderness!

Why Campervan New Zealand?
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