Everyone likes to save money, and when it comes to cruises travelers are no different.  The good news here is that there are several ways in which you can smartly shop for that next cruise you want to take and save a ton of money. There are some great tips in this article, so have a read. Here are the steps that you can take today to make sure that you get the best deal possible.



The more flexible you can be, the better the deal you’ll get.  For example, if you can go during a time that isn’t popular with school vacation times or holiday weeks, then you’re bound to save some money.  Or, better yet, if you’re able to leave on, say, a Wednesday and return on a Wednesday you may also be able to skim some extra money off of the top of the overall cruise price.

It also pays (literally!) if you can:

  • Leave on short notice; or
  • Plan way in advance

Planning a year in advance can save you thousands of pounds on your cruise, as well as allow you to take advantage of some fantastic cruise packages that will save you hundreds – if not thousands – in the long run.  Leaving on short notice (or taking a repositioning cruise) will also allow you to save some big bucks on your next trip.

Another good tip is to monitor a website’s cruise deals section. Not all websites have an obvious cruise deals section. You can find Cruise Kings’ one here. It’s just a good idea to keep an eye out for a good deal – all you need to do is make sure you have enough holidays saved up from work, so that you can disappear like Kaiser Soze at a moment’s notice.


Military and Senior Rates

Some cruise lines like to honour specific groups, and so they offer special pricing to certain individuals who qualify.  Seniors are the most popular of the lot, so if you do qualify, make sure that you ask the cruise line you’re interested in about whether or not they do have a special senior discount rate.


“Guarantee” Categories

If you don’t really care about where you end up on a ship, then this may be a good way for you to save some cash.  Several reputable cruise lines offer what they call “guarantee cabins”. When you first pay for your trip, you won’t be given a cabin until days before you embark on your trip.  So you may end up with a gorgeous state cabin with a large balcony, or you may be crammed on the inside without a window.  Many times you do have the option to upgrade, however, so you aren’t necessarily “stuck” with what they give you.  It is important to note however that, since you can be placed in any cabin on the ship, that if you happen to have any special needs or disabilities that you shouldn’t choose this option.


Compare Rates

You’ll be amazed by just what different cruise lines and ships have to offer in terms of pricing.  Even if the price of the cruise you’re looking at now seems fair and affordable, do your homework. You can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds on you cruise simply by looking at different cruise lines.  Some cruise lines may have a special offer for a particular sailing that you’d be able to go on, or you can opt to travel on a slightly older ship and save some money rather than sail away on the newest state of the art cruise liner.

How to Shop For Cruise Deals
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