Spotless white sand stretching as far as the eye can see. Breathtaking turquoise waters, a lush green coastline and a bumping nightlife to rival that of anywhere else in the world. This is the island of Phuket, Thailand- and if you’re here for holiday, get ready for the vacation of a lifetime. From cultural immersion to nonstop entertainment, luxurious Phuket hotels and incredible outdoor adventures, Phuket has got it all. Here are 5 things to check off your list:


Explore Thalang Road

To get right in the middle of the action, head to Phuket Town, the quirky and quaint capital of the island. It’s filled with funky shops, sidewalk cafes and plenty of interesting local sights. You could spend hours meandering through the town, checking out the eclectic mix of Chinese and old colonial architecture. But make sure to give Thalang Road a good chunk of time, as that’s where you’ll find the best mix of shops, cafes and people watching. Make sure to sit down at a cafe filled with locals, not foreigners, for the best food and deals!


Check Out Wat Chelong

This gorgeous temple is one of Phuket’s most important and beautiful temples. The intricate decoration includes hundreds of reflective glass pieces and detailed murals of the Buddha’s life. On special holidays, Wat Chelong hosts markets where you can sample the local flavors. Don’t forget to wear something covering your knees and shoulders when visiting this spiritual center of the island.

Immerse in Nature at Khao Phra Thaeo National Park

In the northeast of Phuket is this gorgeous national park, spanning about 23 square km of virgin rainforest. It’s one of the last places you’ll find many endangered species of flora and fauna on the island. Stumble across serene waterfalls and get some exercise hiking through the seemingly untouched forest. There’s even a gibbon rehabilitation center you can check out to learn how these animals are cared for.

Watch a Muay Thai Boxing Match

As far as entertainment goes, Phuket’s got you covered. Muay Thai is an electrifying sport to watch, as expert fighters take each other on in the ring. The sport is based on tradition and mutual respect, so you’ll get to experience the Thai culture through the match. If you’re more into doing than watching, there are many studios where you can become trained in the art of Muay Thai yourself.

Party Cheap with a Bucket

It’s probably no secret that Phuket is a party town, but it’s especially good if you’re on a budget. For just 150 baht (about $5), you can get your party on with a drink in a massive bucket. A popular drink is Sangsom (Thai whiskey) mixed with Red Bull. Just don’t blame us if you wake up feeling like you’re in the Hangover 3.

5 Things to Do in Phuket, Thailand