The best argument for saying at a hostel these days is cost. For example, there are five great places that you can stay for under 15 Euros that may surprise even the seasoned traveller.

However, the idea of staying at a youth hostel or a hostel in general is not popular with many holiday makers in this day and age when the cost of a room equates to a view that the more expensive the better the accommodation. The travelers who say they enjoy bunking down in a hostile say this view that big money buys the best rooms is badly skewed because they’ve discovered great hostels that offer more than just a bed and bathroom.

For instance, the travelers who frequent hostels point to the feeling of community and sharing their adventures with others on vacation as all important when it comes to the true quality of life experienced at many hostels worldwide.

The five good hostels to say for less than 15 Euros are:

The Saphaipae Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand


This very cool and funky looking hotel in busy downtown Bangkok has long been popular with U.S. Peace Corps volunteers and their friends and family because the accommodations are both clean and handy for visiting all the Bangkok sites. Also, hosteling in Bangkok is cost saving but the overall experience seems more pleasant at the Saphaipae, say travelers. For more information, visit

Hostelling International in New York, N.Y.



Visiting the “Big Apple” on a budget is very difficult in this day and age when dollars do not go far in New York City. However, there are many happy hosteling fans that have discovered great deals at Hostelling International. Also, there’s more to this huge hostel in downtown New York than just money savings because there are a world of travelers who literally stop at this place. So if you want to connect with a lot of cool fellow travelers, this is the place. For more information, visit

Habitat HQ in Melbourne, Australia

This hostel is busy Melbourne is a great place to make friends and hostel with the kids because it’s considered to be very safe and traveller friendly. In fact, there are many like-minded people who frequent this hostel that caters to those new to the Aussie outback. For alternative cheap Melbourne accommodation visit Hostelbookers.
Marlon’s House In Puno, Peru

This is a remote yet wide open hostel in the popular resort town of Puno. The hostile offers safe and efficient accommodations in this somewhat remote and laid back region where it’s nice to know you have a clean bed and bathroom for about 15 Euros, said one traveller. For more information, visit

Oasis Backpackers’ Palace Sevilla, Spain

This trendy and very interesting looking hostile in the traveller’s hot spot of Sevilla is famed for its hospitality and fun music events in the evening. In fact, you don’t have to leave this backpacker’s hang-out for a good time, explained one visitor. For more information, visit

Overall, hosteling is the way to go in this day and age when a hotel or motel room can cost backpackers and other travelers a tidy sum from their limited travel budgets. The solution is to find those places in big cities where like-minded travelers like to hang out and stay for under 15 Euros.

Five of the Best Solo Travelling in Hostels
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