Remaining sat down for hours on end can take its toll on your comfort levels, as well as your sanity. For some people, nightmare long haul flights can spoil an otherwise idyllic holiday. Before you board the plane, come prepared for a marathon journey.

Sleepy Times

Try to sleep for as many hours as possible. To ensure that you’re successful, bring a travel pillow and some ear plugs. If you suffer from on-board anxiety, talk to your doctor before you leave and request sedatives for the journey. They should send you off to sleep nicely.


You can’t bring enough things to entertain yourself. A tablet works wonders on-board a plane, so fill it with movies and podcasts. Bring music too! Handheld gaming consoles also work a treat, so make sure all your electronic devices are fully charged before you leave. If you’re travelling with someone else, go old school and bring travel games for the journey.

As a treat, ransack the airport’s book stores and buy yourself the latest novels and magazines. And where possible, go with an airline that provides on-board entertainment. Remember to take your headphones!


Consider bringing your own food on-board, as flights have a terrible reputation for poor quality nosh. Also, take it from us, healthy snacks can help make that journey bearable. Try to pack food that won’t make you feel even worse (avoid high fat/sugar nibbles) but also sneak in a few treats for the trip, such as fun-sized chocolate.

Move Around 

Try to get up and move around as much as possible. In-seat stretches will help keep your circulation going. While in the bathroom, do a few standing stretches and jog a little on the spot. Try to be as unobtrusive as possible, when keeping active on-board. Don’t anger your fellow travellers!

Keep Hydrated

The recycled air on the plane is exceptionally dry, so keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey. Your flight attendants will be able to provide you with water or you can buy a bottle once you’re through security. Lip balm and moisturiser also work wonders for dry skin.

Ignore The Clock

Resist the urge to keep checking your clock or watch. The trip will go by a lot faster if you avoid looking at the time. So don’t torment yourself!

Reserve A Good Seat

For shorter trips, you can afford to go for the cheaper seats, but this just isn’t worth it, when you fly long-haul. If your priority is leg room, reserve an aisle seat. If it’s more important that you sleep through the journey, book a window seat. Trying to kip next to the aisle can be challenging for even the heaviest snoozers, as people often bump into you on their way past. See herefor seating arrangements.

Don’t Worry About Fashion

Whatever you do, dress for comfort. If that means rocking up in flip-flops, yoga trousers, and a baggy jumper, so be it! You can store a pair of thick socks or slippers in your hand luggage, so your feet are completely relaxed. Just be sure to wear loose-fitting layers that you can remove or add to during the journey.

8 Tips to Make a Long Airplane Journey as Comfortable as Possible