Morocco has a vast and impressive cultural history dating back to the Carthage empire. With such an imposing legacy, it can be intimidating to attempt a trek through every worthwhile landmark, both historical and modern. I suggest focusing on the amazing coastline of the country and enjoy the breath-taking natural beauty of a majestic seaside landscape. With the serene splendor of the Moroccan seafront complementing a fascinating cultural heritage, there is no greater location than this for a magnificent vacation. Many choices of stay are available to the travelling adventurer for amazingly low cost (thanks in large part to the advantageous exchange rate), but the most appealing is that of the available villas in Morocco for rent.


A great way to embrace the historical legacy of a people is to explore the various buildings of the cities. Undoubtedly one of the most spectacular attractions in Morocco, the Dar el Makhzen in the city of Tangeir, is a wonder of cultural heritage. It combines the beauty of royal architecture with the majestic environmental splendor of the countryside.  This palace has been converted into a museum for the enjoyment of locals and tourists alike. Constructed on the highest point in the city, a spectacular view that extends all the way out to Spain and the Straits of Gibraltar awaits. Wooden ceilings, marble fountains, two sprawling courtyard gardens, sculptured plasterwork, firearms and much, much more await anyone who can appreciate the historical arts. The Sultan’s palace is a must-see for anyone that sets foot in the country of Morocco.


As for something that caters more to the modern culture, the Mawazine Festival in Rabat is the perfect way to immerse oneself in the current musical traditions of the North African Country. The Mawazine Festival began in 2001 with the intention of opening the city of Rabat to foreign cultures and allow the world to see what Morocco has to offer world in terms of becoming a centre of the international community. Beginning on May 24th of this year, artists such as Rihanna, Psy, Deep Purple, Enrique Iglesias and many more are set to perform during this celebration of musical and cultural exchange.


For those looking for a more natural and quant vacation destination need look no farther than the cities of Mirlift and Agadir. Mirlift is a small fishing village with pristine white beaches, sandstone arches, and caves popular for spelunking. Once you feel the need for a bit more civilization, Agadir has some of the most intriguing architecture on the Moroccan coast. After having been largely destroyed by an earthquake in the 1950’s, Agadir was rebuilt with an eye toward becoming a luxury getaway spot and starting point for travel excursions into the Sahara Desert. It accomplished this and more without losing sight of the modesty in its wonderful fishing hub heritage.

A Cultural Tour of the Moroccan Coast
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